Apr 2, 2013

Metal Office Accessories

The Container Store has my favorite collection of desk accessories around (yes, I am such a nerd that I have a favorite line of desk accessories) made of white metal with brocade cutouts.  I think they're the perfect way to add a touch of decoration to an office.  I love the combination of the traditional brocade pattern mixed with the more modern white metal.

Ahhh, it just makes me want to organize (link)

I've notices recently that other websites have started selling similar items, and I thought I would post them here in case there are any other nerds out there.


Urban Outfitters also sells that same spice rack as Modcloth, but for $34 compared to Modcloth's $28. It's not the first time I've notices Urban Outfitters selling the same items as other store at a higher price...

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