Apr 26, 2013

Public Service Announcement

I wanted to have a sewing project done yesterday to be posted today, but that didn't happen, so I thought I would just write something really quick. This is some advice for anyone with grandparents or anyone who knows an older individual with grandchildren.  I highly advise that you tell them about a new type of fraud they're referring  to as "grandparent scam".

Basically what happens is people call an elderly person's home pretending to be their grandchild.  Normally they pretend they were in a car accident, are being held in jail, or some other hardship and ask for them to wire money.  Now normally I would think that many people would not fall for this, but just last night I experienced a couple who sent $7000 of cash off in the mail in an attempt to prevent their "grandson" from having criminal charges put against him.  Only after they sent the cash off did they call him and realize they'd been had.  Thankfully they had enough time to go back to the post office and have them redirect the package back to their house.  But many people aren't very lucky.

This scamming trend has gotten a lot of news recently, but I think many elderly people still don't know about.  So please, tell the older folks in your life about it so they can be aware.

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