May 24, 2013

A Little Bird Update

Things are going abnormally slow for my volunteer job at the Navy Base.  Apparently during this week last year, we had over 500 Least Tern nests.  This year we have maybe a dozen right now, and they keep getting predated or being washed away :(

But at least the Snowy Plovers are doing ok.  Look at these little chicks I found!

That little white thing next to them is a lollipop stick.  They're so tiny!
Things have also been picking up at the Raptor Center since it's spring, or "baby season" as we like to call it.

Baby Red-tailed Hawk

Something that I always thought was funny is that we became kind of like a baby possum orphanage.  At any one time we probably have about 15 of the little guys.  They're so cute!  I don't care what you might say about how gross the adults are, the babies are adorable.

Blurry picture of a baby possum.  We wrap them up like a little burrito so it's easier to tube feed them.  
As much as I wish I had a paying job, volunteering has been very fulfilling, and it's a good way to spend my time and get experience.  

Thanks for reading!

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