May 6, 2013

Daiso Haul

Yesterday, I stopped by my brother's place and we drove to Torrance, Ca to visit Daiso and Mitsuwa.  The first store we went to, Daiso, is a 100 Yen store in Japan.  There are now several location in California, and they sell most of their items for $1.50.  The store is jam packed with everything you could imagine, much of it very cute and girly.  This is what I got!

Cute floral fabric I plan on using as lining for a jacket / tan polka dotted zippers /  two appliques I will add to kitchen towels

A container pump I plan on using for nail polish remover / a case I'm going to use to organize earring and necklaces while travelling /  a case with a mirror to hold bobby pins
180 cotton pads for $1.50, what a steal! / adorable cat socks /  and a foldable pink rat tail comb for teasing.

adorable earphone organizeers

Of course I needed a donut to hold the slack of my headphones!

Cute gift bags, a graph paper journal, and small bags for organizing beads and crafts

a pink squeegee for my car.  Daiso can make even the most mundane household objects cute
Next we went to Mitsuwa, which is a Japanese market place.  The best way I can describe it is kind of like a mini mall.  There is a large grocery store, many small restaurants, and a few other Japanese specialty stores.  I had the best spicy tuna rolls for lunch, yum! I didn't buy very many things here, but this is what I did get:

Delicious Oreo Bars, Strawberry Hi-Chews, and Strawberry Shortcake Hi-Chews
Oh my gosh, are those Oreo bars are so good.  If you can find some, definitely buy them because they're delicious!  

And look, they had quail eggs! They're so tiny

Also fun fact:  you can eat the nuts inside the smelly fruits of a Ginkgo tree.  I had no idea until I saw a teeny tiny can of them at Mitsuwa for $6.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I went to so many 100 yen stores when I visited Japan! They are the best :D

    - Alex from

  2. They have several Daiso outlets in Singapore too! But this is the first time I see them selling quail eggs?!!!

    - Rachael from

    1. The quail eggs were from the Japanese grocery store that I went to after Daiso. But would be cool if Daiso sold them!