May 24, 2013

My Contribution to Maker Faire

Yet another year went by that I didn't make it to Maker Faire.  I got soo close too.  My boyfriend belongs to the Santa Barbara Hackerspace and they were given a booth at this year's fair.  My boyfriend could have gotten a free ticket, but basically we didn't have enough money to pay for the drive and a hotel room (they really jacked up the prices of all the nearby hotels).  So that was a bummer.

But because of the procrastination at the Hackerspace, they didn't have very many things to take with them.  I thought I would help them out when I saw Tim.  Who is Tim?  Tim is basically just a tiny 3-D printed head that moves around on top of a dressmaker's mannequin.  Why?  Because. "Because" seems to be the unofficial motto behind the Hackerspace.  All I knew was that Tim needed an outfit.  And what would be better for a tiny head on top of a mannequin than a space-maid outfit?  So that's what I made.

Here are some pictures taken on the day that I made.  Sorry for the quality.

Tim's little head.  I ended up having to hide the components underneath some fabric which
ended up looking kind of weird, but oh well!
And here is a picture of it at their booth!

The people that were there said that it was surprisingly a big hit, especially for the children.  Who knew?  I just figure people would see it and be really confused, so I'm glad that they liked it.  And I'm glad that even though I wasn't able to go to the Maker Faire, something I made was there.  That's pretty cool.

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