May 31, 2013

Thank goodness for the weekend!

I'm personally very happy that this week is over!  Even if it was a short one because of the holiday on Monday, I was pretty exhausted by the time this morning rolled around.  I've been working in the mornings, coming home, immediately leaving to help my boyfriend study math, and finishing studying when I need to sleep.  My boyfriend has gone back to school, and he needs to take a math placement exam in a week, but we've discovered that after 5 years without a math class, you tend to forget it, so it's a lot to cover.  I forgot how much I love math!  It also made me realize that I could probably become a math tutor and make a little bit of money.  Something for me to thing about.

Since it's the weekend, it means I can finally finish two sewing project I started last week!  I almost finished two dresses last weekend except for finishing touches like buttons and hems, so I will be posting those soon and writing a reviews of the patterns.

Anywhoo, here are some pictures from this week!

Peace sign garbage on the beach

Baby Hummingbird!

So many owls!  We have even more than this.  Hopefully some will be released soon.
Hope you all had a good week, and hope you have an even better weekend.

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