Jun 18, 2013

Exciting Weekend

I just got home from Northern California where I went to one of my best friend's graduation ceremonies.  She was chosen as the student speaker for her ceremony, and it was so much fun to see her on stage!  I also went to San Francisco this weekend, which was really fun, and had Chicago-style pizza for the first time.

Some highlights from this weekend
I realized during my friend's graduation ceremony that I had been out of school for exactly six months.  Normally this would have made me feel really anxious, but I have a job interview tomorrow!  I'm so excited! The position is for a restoration ecology assistant, and it is absolutely perfect for me.  Fingers crossed!  But honestly at this point I'm just happy that I'm getting interviews.

I'll have some sewing projects posted soon, but right now I'm going to take a nap.  Hope you all had a great weekend.
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