Jul 27, 2013

San Nicholas Island

This week the Navy base where I volunteer sent me to San Nicholas Island, one of the California Channel Islands, and it was a blast!

In between moving cactus that will be planted as habitat for the Island night lizard, I was given a small tour of the island.  It is so beautiful, and such a different landscape than I'm used to. Here are some pictures that I took:

I didn't even get a picture of the best part of the day.  As we were moving cactus, an Island Fox ran by us, saw what we were doing, and laid down in the shade right next to us!  It was only about 10 feet away from me, and it was so adorable!  After trying to take a little nap, it eventually went away.  I didn't have my phone on me then, and I'm kicking myself in the butt that I didn't get a picture of it. In case you don't know what an Island Fox looks like, here you go:

So cute!! (Source: Wikipedia)

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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