Jul 30, 2013

Souvenir Penny Bracelet

About a year ago, I saw this bracelet on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to make one of my own.  Since then, I have tried to collect pressed pennies from vacations and day trips.  I have memories attached to each one of these pennies, so it makes the whole bracelet very sentimental. I just drilled holes in the pennies using a drill press and attached them with jump rings to the chain.  It was super easy and a great way to preserve memories.

My pennies: Santa Barbara, National Zoo, Santa Barbara Zoo, National Zoo, National Air and Space Museum, Disneyland's Splash Mountain, Museum of National History, and Hearst Castle
My only issue with this bracelet is that it's really loud when the pennies jingle together! I also love this penny bracelet found here:

I like the idea of making bracelets with pennies from one trip.  I also want to try giving my pennies a similar patina with liver of sulfur.
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