Aug 22, 2013

Retro Denim Dress (Butterick 5209)

Here is a dress I made using Butterick 5209 for the bodice and a self-drafted skirt. The top is a red fabric with small white polka dots, and the bottom is made of denim. It has a low back and a side zipper.  

There's not much to say about the pattern since it is a simple design and was easy to make. It did come out a little bit big, so I had to take in the sides a little bit. I definitely want to make this pattern again in a lighter weight fabric with the matching skirt.

Needs some ironing, oh well!

In other news, I have been reading like a fiend. There are so many books that have come out recently that I can't wait to read. I may post book reviews up here at some point if there's any interest.  That's all for now!
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