Oct 24, 2013

Daiso Haul #2

On Sunday I went with my brother to Torrance, California for another pilgrimage to Daiso and Mistuwa. Daiso is a Japanese 100 yen store that sells most of its goods for $1.50. Everything is so adorable and it's awesome, but sadly there are not many locations in the United States. Mitsuwa is kind of like a min-mall with a few shops, restaurants, and the main grocery store. Everything pictured is from Daiso with the exception of the Popin' Cookin' candy and the embroidery book.

Pocky and Popin' Cookin' (and Strawberry Hi-Chews, but I ate them!)
Popin' Cookin' is a really fun Japanese candy that you make on your own. It comes with a variety of powders that you mix with water and includes molds to make it into different shapes. I love them because it's a craft that you can eat afterwards!

Fabric tape, glitter, and iron-on flocking shapes
 So cute I had to buy them:
Sticky notes, flower tin, porcupine microfiber cleaning cloth
I am such a sucker for cute things. How could I resist buying that porcupine cleaning cloth?!

Useful things:
Ruler, plastic bags, camera tripod, baking cups, paint palettes, and flossing thingies
Another thing I love about Daiso is that they have a lot of useful, everyday things at a much cheaper price. For example, I bought floss picks, which may be really boring (ok, they are boring), but these are much more than $1.50 at grocery and drug stores.

Embroidery book:
I can not wait to do some of these projects and show you more!


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