Dec 14, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Very early on Friday, I went and saw the premiere for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I really liked it and felt it was truer to the feel of the Lord of the Rings trilogy than the first Hobbit movie. As with most movie premieres where audiences tends to be very enthusiastic and involved, it was definitely a fun audience on Friday. The theater also gave us free mini posters, which I am super stoked about.

Free poster, yay!

There were a few things I was iffy about with this movie, which were mostly due to the cinematography. One of the biggest things I dislike about movies that are filmed to be shown in 3D (besides hurting my brain and distracting me from the story) is that they tend to have a lot of gimmicks or shots that don't lend anything to the plot of the film and are super cheesy. I saw the movie in 2D, which I greatly prefer over 3D (if you couldn't already tell), and there were definitely shots that they did only because they though they would look cool in 3D.

I know a lot of other people's criticism is based around Evangeline Lily's character Tauriel which was invented for the film, and her romantic interactions with one of the dwarves, but I honestly wasn't bothered by it. It was nice to have a strong female character in the movie and I found the romantic aspect of it kind of adorable.

I am also now super obsessed with the song "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran that played during the credits. I bought it as soon as I woke up after the premiere and I cannot get enough of it. The song starts about 40 seconds into the video in case you're interested:

Also, can I just add that I freaking love Bilbo? Because I do.
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