Jan 4, 2014

Caturday #6: Cat Calendars

Hello, and happy first Caturday of the new year!

I hope your Caturday has been filled with many, many cats. Ironically, my day was filled with birds. I helped my local chapter of the Audubon Society complete their Christmas Bird Count. I was with the beach team, and I walked all of the beaches in my hometown and we took note of each bird we saw. There were a lot of birds, to say the least. Overall, it was really fun, and I learned a lot about the birds in my area.

Moving on! To celebrate the new year (and cats!) I searched the internet for cute cat calenders. This proved difficult as most cat calenders have been designed for 80 year old women, but I managed to find some nonetheless. Here they are!

Left column to right column:

Hope you all have a wonder weekend!

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