Jan 9, 2015

Using gold leaf with my Silhouette Cameo

With help from gift cards from this Christmas, I decided to buy myself the new Silhouette Cameo. I've been making a lot of books recently and doing a lot of paper crafts, so I knew it was something I would get a lot of use out of. While I have access to a laser cutter, I wanted something I could use from home and that wouldn't leave scorch marks on the paper.

I decided I wanted to make a sign with my Etsy shop's name on it to go above my desk while I craft. I made this using Silhouette's Double Sided Adhesive sheets and imitation gold leaf. I typed up the font in the software, cut it out with my Cameo, laid it own on my paper, and covered it in gold leaf.

The adhesive sheet after it has been cut
Laying out my font
Adding the gold leaf
After it has been cleaned up
The final sign!

Silhouette does make adhesive gold foil sheets which would be simpler to use, but I think I like the look of using gold leaf better. After playing around with my Cameo for only a day, I've already thought of so many ideas that I can't wait to try!
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